Fiaca, hacer fiaca, tener fiaca, ser fiaca

Fiaca, in lunfardo, mean laziness, idleness. It’s the feeling of not wanting to do anything but to chill.

Hacer fiaca means exactly that. The exact translation would be “to do laziness”, but we use this word to express we don’t want to do anything: only to stay home and do nothing, or to go to someone else’s house to stay there and do nothing there. Well, perhaps watch a movie, definitely listen some music, but nothing that would require a great physical – nor  mental – effort.

Tener fiaca, means that you feel lazy, that you’re not in the mood for great movements. It means that your perfect plan for the evening is to watch the last season of The Wire in just one sitting, or something like that.

Ser fiaca means to be lazy. If you usually have fiaca and you usually do fiaca, people most likely will think of you as a fiaca. Larva is another word that might be used to describe you.

Fiaca, when used to describe a person, personify the kind of people that never wants to move, never visits you (s/he ask you to visit her/him), they call you to do something and at the last minute they will send you a text message to tell you that they’re not in the mood now to move from their places. And it gets a lot worst in the winter!

Here, some examples:

  • Ayer a la noche me acosté tardísimo y ahora tengo una fiaca increíble, ¿no querés venir a casa a ver una peli? (Yesterday night I went to bed reaaaally late, now I’m feeling really lazy, don’t you want to come home and watch a movie?

  • ¡Hace mucho frío! ¿Y si en lugar de salir a caminar nos quedamos haciendo fiaca en casa? (It’s very cold! Instead of going out for a walk, why don’t we stay home chilling?)

  • El día está hermoso, el sol está divino: es un día perfecto para hacer fiaca en el parque. (The day is beautiful, the sun is shinning: it’s a perfect day for chilling at the park)

  • Siempre intento organizar algo con él, pero es tan fiaca que es imposible sacarlo de la casa. (I always try to organize something with him, but he’s so lazy that’s impossible to take him out of his place)


2 responses to “Fiaca, hacer fiaca, tener fiaca, ser fiaca

  1. hacer fiaca = to kick it

  2. nice! i didn’t know that meaning of “to kick it!” 🙂

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