Joder, joderse, estar jodido, jodido/a

If you’ve been in Spain, you might be familiarized with this term, although in Argentina we use it in a different way.

You might hear a Spaniard saying “¡Joder!” because he/she is very surprised about something or irritated with someone.  You can hear in Spain “¡Joder! Qué molesto es este tío” (Damn! How annoying is this guy”), but this doesn’t apply in Argentina.

First, we don’t use the word as an interjection. Joder for us is “to annoy”. So we say things like:

–         Por favor, dejate de joder / ¡No jodas más, por favor! (Please, stop being annoying / stop disturbing me).

–         Ya no soporto a mis vecinos. Nos joden con sus peleas desde las 8 de la mañana (I can’t stand my neighbors anymore. They annoy us with their fights starting 8 am)

–         ¡Cómo jode este pibe! (How annoying is this guy!)

While joder is to annoy someone else, joderse means to do something in detrimental to oneself. It means that someone gets screwed, but basically because s/he did something to deserve it, or because s/he asked for it.

– ¡Qué se joda! Yo le dije que copiar el trabajo de Wikipedia no era una buena idea. (Screw it! I told him that copying the work from Wikipedia wasn’t a good idea)

Estar jodido, means to be screwed, fucked up, it can also means to be sick.

Está jodido. La profesora dijo que lo iba a desaprobar. (He’s screwed, the professor said she’s going to fail him)

Ando medio jodido de la garganta, creo que tengo anginas. (My throught is in pain, doesn’t feel good, I think I have tonsilitis)

Attention: someone that annoys a lot is not a jodido/a. The word jodido exists, but it is used to qualify another type of person.

Jodido/a – when it refers to a person – means that is difficult, hard to deal with or even dangerous. Even mean. You shouldn’t be around someone jodido.

– Pedro le dijo a nuestro jefe que a mí no me gusta trabajar. Es muy jodido, tené cuidado. (Pedro told our boss that I don’t like to work. He’s very mean, be careful)

When it refers to a thing, it means that’s just hard or difficult.

– El examen fue realmente jodido. No creo que apruebe. (The exam was really hard. I don’t think I’ll pass).

Attention 2:

Ser jodido and estar jodido don’t mean the same thing. If you say soy jodido, it means you’re kinda of an asshole, and no one should get very close to you. Now, if you say estoy jodido, it means that perhaps you got too close to someone jodido and you got screwed (te jodiste).

Attention 3:

¡Jodete! means  get screwed! so you may think that fuck you! might be also in order, but no, the meaning although similar, have different intention and intensity, so my advice is not to get those phrases mixed up.


One response to “Joder, joderse, estar jodido, jodido/a

  1. well I have definitely been using that incorrectly … good post!

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