Ni ahí, Ni a gancho

Ni ahí is an expression that has a meaning somewhat similar to “no way”.

The exact translation would be “not there”, but it doesn’t make too much sense, right?

No, ni ahí.  (no, not really)

Ni ahí means – besides “no way” – “absolutely not” , “not really” or  “at all”.

It’s usually used for young people.


    • Ni ahí hablo con ella de nuevo  (no way i’m talking to her again)
    • – ¿Te enojaste porque llegué tarde? (are you mad because i was late?)

– No, ni ahí (no, not at all)

Other similar expression, also used by young people, is ni a gancho that means something like “not even by tow hitch”. It means that someone won’t do/say something even if he/she were forced to.
– ¿Vas a salir hoy a la noche? (Are you going out tonight?)
Ni a gancho, tengo que estudiar. (No way, I have to study)

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