Flaco, tipo, chabón, pibe, chico

Even though these words more or less mean the same, guy or man, they tend to have particular uses.

Flaco (skinny in English), it’s used for a guy in the 20s

Tipo (the exact translation would be type), it’s used for a man above 35 aprox.

Pibe and chabón don’t  have a translation in English. The first one can be used to mention a guy that is young. Chabón is used only in some registers, and of all these options, it’s the more informal or  familiar.

Chico (small in English) is used to mention someone really young, perhaps a kid or a teenager.

More or less it would go like this:

– Chico – Kid

– Pibe – Teenager

– Flaco – 20s, mid 30s

– Tipo – All after that

But this clasification is not that firm. You’ll find exceptions or “rules”.  For exemplo, a girl in her 20s that meets a guy also in his 20s, might use chico instead of  flaco.

– Conocí un chico (I’ve met a guy)

Guys in the 20s may refer to other guys in their 20s as flaco or pibe, but never as chico.

– Mañana me junto con los pibes. (Tomorrow I’ll meet my friends)


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