Sale con Fritas

Sale con Fritas” is a positive expression. The exact translation is “It goes with fries” (referring of course to french fries), and even though it doesn’t make much sense in English, it does make sense in Argentina.

When you go to a restaurant, specially a cheap one – sometimes called “bodegón” – where the waiter is usually an old man with an attitude, when you ask for a burger, for example, and you want to know if it comes with something, he would say “sale con fritas”. Or maybe, you make your order, and he goes to the kitchen and yells “¡sale con fritas!”

Now, that’s the origin of the phrase…but when and how do we use it?

Sale con fritas is mostly used to express that something will be done in no time, rapidly, and sometimes to express that something is going to get done right. Sometimes both. Also it’s used to express confidence, positiviness.


– ¿Llegarás a terminar el trabajo para mañana? (will you be able to finish the assignment by tomorrow?)

–  Sí, sí, sale con fritas.


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